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About us

After spending time within the digital art industry, we realized there was no place for artists to commission digital art to third party clients - that's why we started Hurlet. We provide matchmaking and collaboration services for digital artists and third parties.

How does hurlet work?

1. Tell us what kind of Artist you need

What kind of digital artists do you need? What kind of project are you pursuing? What specific skills do you need?

Submit a request to let us know what you need — the more details the better. Whether it’s a single artist or a team of several, Hurlet got you covered. After we receive the request, our internal team will review it and connect with you in order to answer any questions and to get an even better understanding of your exact needs.


2. We’ll find you the Perfect Match

We'll notify you with a status report concerning your request within a few days.

These are the possible scenarios;
A. We have someone in our network who is ready to work with you immediately.
B. There is a candidate being evaluated who matches your qualifications, and we will notify you upon the completion of the screening process.
C. We currently do not have a match for your request, so our team will work tirelessly to find one.


3. They become part of your Digital Art Project

We’ll introduce you to your digital artist, and they’ll start working as soon as you say go.

As soon as you review and sign-off on our recommended digital artist(s), they’ll be ready to work with you. While digital artists usually work remotely, arrangements can be made to have them on a specific location.


4. Payments are carried out

When your digital artist(s) have completed your project, payments are carried out.

Your financial security is our top priority, and that's why we support embedded and hassle-free payments through the payment processor Stripe.  Hurlet obtain a 3% administrative fee for processing payments and bookings.


Don't hesitate to send us a request, we'd love to get in touch with you.


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